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why are autistic people so smart

Exploring the Smarts of Autistic Individuals The connection between autism and intelligence is a subject that inspires both curiosity and misunderstanding. Contrary to the monolithic representation often depicted in popular media, intelligence in the realm of autism is as varied as the interests and passions…

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autism pinching behavior

Understanding Autism Pinching Behavior

When it comes to the complexities of autism, certain actions, such as autism pinching behavior, stand out due to their frequent occurrence and potential stress for both the individual and their caregivers. Pinching in individuals with autism is not just…

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Pros and Cons of ABA Therapy

Pros and Cons of ABA Therapy: Is it for you?

When considering treatment options for autism, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy often surfaces at the forefront of discussions. Renowned for its extensive research-backed success, the potential benefits of ABA therapy are substantial, making it a compelling choice for many parents…

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