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Anger in Autistic Adults

Understanding Anger in Autistic Adults

Anger is a common emotion experienced by all people, including autistic adults. However, there are often unique factors that can contribute to feelings of anger for those on the autism spectrum. By understanding some of the potential triggers and causes…

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Understanding Why Autistic Children Spit

Understanding Why Autistic Children Spit: A Comprehensive Guide As a parent or caregiver of an autistic child, you may have encountered instances where your child engages in spitting behavior. This can be perplexing and challenging to manage. However, understanding why…

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Autistic People Often Cover Their Ears

Why Autistic People Often Cover Their Ears

To understand the unique sensory experiences of autistic individuals, it's important to recognize their reactions to auditory stimuli. This blog post delves into the reasons behind the common behavior of ear covering in autistic people, exploring the nuances of sensory…

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How Do You Deal With an Autistic Burnout

How Do You Deal With an Autistic Burnout?

Autistic burnout is a complex and deeply impactful experience unique to individuals on the autism spectrum. It's characterized by intense mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion, often stemming from the constant effort required to navigate a neurotypical world. Unlike typical burnout…

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