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breastfeeding and autism

Breastfeeding and Autism: Myths and Facts

The relationship between breastfeeding and autism remains a subject of valuable discussion and investigation within the healthcare community. Shedding light on the potential breastfeeding and autism connection, recent studies have delved into how these aspects intertwine, touching upon the lives…

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high-functioning autism and dementia

Understanding High-Functioning Autism and Dementia

With the evolving understanding of neurological conditions, insights into the intersection of high-functioning autism and dementia are emerging. Commonly identified in the early years, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) encompasses a range of symptoms that persist throughout life, affecting communication, social…

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Having an Autistic Parent

Having an Autistic Parent: What’s It Like?

Growing up with an autistic parent can be a unique experience, filled with both challenges and rewards. Living with an autistic parent means navigating through various emotional and communication dynamics. While it comes with its difficulties, such as interpreting emotions…

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