This is a big thing really!! Xavier adores books and reading!! He has a mid sleeper bed and 95% of it is filled up with books, most of which are huge hardbacks! He won’t let me take them off his bed though!


Many a time I have gone into his room and literally peeled a huge hard back book from his face where he has fallen asleep reading!


He struggles with lots of things in life but reading has never been a problem! He is 8 and has the reading age of 12! So proud of him. With him being my 2nd child I didn’t have as much time to sit down and do the whole reading books thing as I did with Izzy. He just naturally picked it up!


I walked into the front room a few months back, after school and found him reading this ADHD and Autism book!! He said it was very interesting! Ha! 😉


He just LOVES books!! So today for World Book Day (a little late) at his school he has gone dressed his Ultimate Favourite Character!!!!


I can assure you he was happier about it than he actually looks LOL! He was very excited to don the bow tie this morning! He was cross that I didn’t go out and buy a blazer and fez to go with it but soon got over it! When we arrived in the playground he was looking a little uneasy. He went and sat on the bench at the edge of the playground on his own and was taking all the costumes in. I think he was a little overwhelmed by some of them to be honest. Some where absolutely incredible, so much time and effort must have gone in. He was looking a little freaked out but hopefully he has been ok at school today and enjoyed his day as Dr Who!

What did your children go as??