I discovered this over at Claires blog Penny for ThemΒ and thought it was an amazing idea! So here you can learn a little more about me….
What are you wearing?

Dressing gown and PJs πŸ™‚ #Chillin
Ever been in love?

Yes …. I am now!
Ever had a terrible breakup?

Yes…. but if that didn’t happen I wouldn’t be where I am today!
How tall are you?

5ft 11 inches!!
How much do you weigh?

More than I’d like to…I’m afraid I cannot tell you … I’d have to kill you! It’s top secret!
Any tattoos?

Yes six!! My surname on the back of my neck, a dodgy black tribal on the top of each arm, a chinese symbol on my bum cheek and my kids names on my wrists. I need more ink!
Any Piercings?

Just my ears and my nose. Used to have tongue, lip and belly button too!
Favourite Show?

I don’t really watch too much tele but love all the crap like Eastenders, The Voice, Xfactor, OBEM
Favourite Bands?

Kings of Leon, Take That ( I am not ashamed lol), I love most music to be honest unless its the likes of Justin Bieber
Something you miss?

My Nan and Grandad terribly! It’s been 21 years since my Grandad passed and 10 yrs since my nan passed!! Lots of very fond memories though.
Favourite Song?

Hard to choose one but I think it would have to be something by Massive Attack!
How old are you?

34….. Ewwww almost 35!!! A few weeks to go!
Zodiac sign?

Aries πŸ™‚
Quality you look for in a partner?

Favourite quote?

Probably some line from Dirty Dancing… maybe… “I carried a Watermelon!!”
Favourite actor?

Morgan Freeman or Brad Pitt.
Favourite colour?

Purple all the way!
Loud music or soft?

Louder the better!
Where do you go when you’re sad?

I hide in my bedroom!
How long does it take you to shower?

I have a shower sat in a box waiting to be installed! We only have a bath! That takes me about an hour!!
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Not long at all! I’m a pro at being in a mad rush!
Ever been in a physical fight?

Yes when I was at school! *Tut*
Turn on?

Cuddles and kissed and compliments.
Turn off?

Someone who is full of themselves. Liars!
The reason I started a blog?

i wanted somewhere to write about our experiences as a family coping (or not) with Autism in our lives. I can’t believe I didn’t discover it sooner! I LOVE writing!

Last thing that made you cry?

Seeing my son struggle at school and feeling like no-one wants to help him! πŸ™
Last time you said you loved someone?

To my children when I tucked them in!
Meaning behind your blog name?

It just kinda sums everything up about my blog.
Last book you read?

The last in the 50 shades of Grey trilogy.
The book you’re currently reading?

My daughter has just this minute finished David Walliams – Billionaire Boy and said I can borrow it… so I shall read that next!
Last show you watched?
Johnathon Ross chat show that had been recorded.
Last person you talked to?

My daughter
The relationship between you and the person you last texted?

My mum was the last person to text me!
Favourite food?

I am loving my slow cooker at the moment!
Place you want to visit?

I’ve been to Dubai and New York and would REALLY love to see more of America.
Last place you were?

At Horam in Sussex watching my daughter play football.
Do you have a crush?

YES!!!! I am ever so slightly obsessed with Gary Barlow! Just a tiny weeny bit! πŸ˜€
Last time you kissed someone?

I kissed my kids goodnight.
Last time you were insulted?

Erm….. oooh I’m not sure of that one!
Favourite flavour of sweet?

Cola maoam chews!!!
What instruments do you play?

I used to play the Clarinet! I really want to learn the piano
Favourite piece of Jewellery?

I don’t really own any jewellery other than my wedding and eternity rings.
Last sport you played?

What is this sport word??! HAHA!
Last song you sang?

Happy – Pharrell Williams
Favourite chat up line?

I’ve been married for 6 years, with hubby for 13 yrs almost, so don’t really have an answer to this lol!
Have you ever used it?

See above!
Last time you hung out with someone?

Today with my sister who came to football with us! πŸ™‚
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