Science Museum London – The Energy Show **REVIEW**

Our six week holidays were a mixture of good and bad. It’s so difficult to strike up a happy medium with 2 completely different children. Izabel wants to be busy and active and out and about. Xavier is happy in the comfort of his own home generally and doesnt like busy or crowds particularly.

We were offered the chance to see the Energy Show and London’s Science Museum so snapped up the chance.

Xavier, and Hubby are very interested in Science.

We had a very long but lovely day out!

We got the train just after 9am into Victoria then needed to get the tube only for 2 stops to South Kensington. We were booked into the Energy Show for the 11am booking and we timed it just right.

The Show was being put on in the IMAX cinema inside the Science Museum.

Here is the Press Release for the Show so you can get an idea of what went on. Photography was not allowed during the show.

The Energy Show Press Release


22 July – 31 August 2013 Tuesdays to Sundays at 11.30 and 13.30 Prices: Adult £14.40, Child £9.50

This summer the Science Museum premieres The Energy Show, an electrifying new science show for families with children aged 7+.

Follow Annabella and Phil, two futuristic science students, as they race against time to prove their knowledge of energy through a series of live experiments. Featuring a virtual assistant named i-nstein and a steampunk workshop full of gadgets and chemicals, Annabella and Phil use liquid nitrogen, hydrogen rockets and electricity to create a dangerously exciting experience.

The Energy Show is a unique theatrical experience whose award-winning creative talent draws on the continued success of the Science Museum’s previous live science shows.

Directed and co-written by Martin Lamb, who has worked with the English National Opera and the V&A, The Energy Show boasts a creative team who have collectively worked nationally and internationally on more than 500 shows, including productions on the West End and Broadway. Their awards include a Tony Award, a Village Voice OBIE and a Theatregoers’ Choice Award. Full cast and crew details can be found under Notes to Editors.

Martin Lamb, Director, says “The Energy Show is a dynamic and fresh way for young people to engage with science, weaving together the best elements of a traditional live science show with the storytelling features of a family theatrical performance. Audiences will enjoy a distinctive and engaging experience.”

Toby Parkin, Co-producer and Outreach Manager at the Science Museum, says “The Energy Show creates universal appeal through a blend of eye-popping demonstrations and scientific reasoning. Whether it’s the steampunk laboratory, wise-cracking animated assistant or exploding Hydrogen, young people will engage with this show, no matter what their interest in science.”

Running at 75 minutes (no interval), The Energy Show is suitable for children 7+ and supports the Key Stages 2 and 3 science curriculum. Performances will be held in the Science Museum’s IMAX theatre on a newly installed mechanical stage.

Experiments and demonstrations include:

  •   Flaming Methane bubbles
  •   Exploding bottles of liquid nitrogen
  •   Lights powered by Plasma Balls
  •   A hair-raising Van de Graaff generator
  •   Soaring hydrogen-filled rockets 





The show was fantastic and VERY entertaining! A great way to get the kids learning and excited about Science! Some of the explosions were VERY loud but luckily they supplied Xavier with some ear defenders which took the edge off.

The actors were great and it was a really fun and informative show to watch!

After the show we spent the rest of the day looking around the Science Museum itself! A fabulous day out and you need the whole day! The place is HUGE!

Hubby was off work for the week and it was lovely to spend a day just the 4 of us!

The Science Museum is a day out I would definitely recommend.




Check out the Science Museum HERE

Visit them on Facebook HERE

I was given a family ticket to see the Energy Show for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

10 thoughts on “Science Museum London – The Energy Show **REVIEW**

  1. Ohh wow! Sounds like great fun and educational too!! My girls would love it :)

  2. kay adeola

    that sound great fun educational fun is the best :-)

  3. Certainly sounds like something my two would enjoy too :)

  4. Not sure about the kids but OH would love it!

  5. Wish we had something like this in Cardiff. We’ve got Techniquest but it relies on parents being able to explain the science and my memory is now pretty rusty!!!

    • Admin

      Oh crikey! I’d be useless at explaining! My fave answer is “Ask your Dad!” lol

  6. mellissa williams

    I love the Science Museum it’s amazing i used to take my son there all the time when he was little

    • Admin

      It was our 1st time and we all loved it! :)

  7. Looks amazing we are off to the thinktank in birmingham today hope its just as fun!

    • Admin

      Have a great time :)

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