This was so quick and so easy and reasonably cheap!

I made this for 2 and used 3 chicken breasts as they were quite small.


I started by slicing up and browning the chicken in the pan using a couple of sprays of 1 calorie fry light spray. I use this a lot with my cooking.


I chose the mushroom stir fry pack, there was a nice selection to choose from. Once the chicken was browned I added the stir fry vegetables. I gave these about 4-5 mins in the pan with the chicken.


I then added a packet of Fresh Egg Noodles. These literally only need 2-3 mins in the pan.


Then I finally added a Sticky Plum and Hoisin Sauce to it all and gave it a mix up. The offer in Tesco I thought was quite good. £3 for the bag of noodles, the sauce and the stir fry veg.

Such a quick and easy keel and I couldn’t actually totally finish mine as I was so full up! Hubby loved it too. Here is the finished product: excuse the presentation haha! Stir fry is impossible to make look pretty!


So if you want a fast, easy and reasonably cheap dinner… give this a go! Delicious!