…. is what I have been asked by Xavier this evening.

I explained that you can’t take it away but even if I could, I wouldn’t because its what makes him who he is.

He actually had tears in his eyes and kept telling me he wants to be normal. As I said to him: Normal is boring! He is quite adamant that he doesn’t want to be Autistic and hates “being this way”! 🙁

It must be so hard for him! I would love to spend even just an hour inside his head! It would be an experience for sure. So many things we hear, see and do and take for granted. These small, minute things that we don’t bat an eyelid at, that can turn his world upside down at the drop of a hat! His reasoning and understanding things being totally different from ours. His hearing being super sensitive compared to ours, his sense of smell being magnified compared to ours. These things I have to stop and think about sometimes to remind myself that he IS very different to us in so many ways.

Bathing your kids may be easy, chuck them in, wash, then out. Mine is an event that needs careful military precision to save the mother of all meltdowns. He is scared of being in water yet loves to stand at a sink and play with it. He is scared of water in his face and hates the sensation of water on his head.

Dinner time may be a walk in the park for most…. if only haha! Xavier won’t eat most meats as the textures make him heave. He can smell me chopping an onion from upstairs with just one cut into it! You can put sauce on his sausages but god forbid if it splashes onto his mash potato!

Xavier got extra kisses and cuddles tonight in the hope that I reassured him that it’s ok to be who he is.

I love my son, Autism and all! I wouldn’t change him for the world.