What an awful place it would be! I am such a huge music fan and love pretty much all music. I love to have music blasting when I’m driving, when I’m in the kitchen cooking, when I’m blogging. I really couldn’t live without it!

I love going to concerts too! Over the last few years I have been to quite a few concerts! I’ve seen Take That twice (Circus and Progress Tours), I saw Whitney Houston, Kings of Leon in Hyde Park, Olly Murs, Gary Barlow (swoon!).


Me and my sister in law enjoying Kings of Leon from right at the front!

My sisters Mum in Law and Sister in Law regularly go to see Barry Manilow, now this really is not my cup of tea but I bet it is a great show! But then my mild obsession with Take That (not ashamed!!!) is probably not to others tastes.



Me and my sister at the Take That – Progress concert! Up in the gods but we loved it!

I love to listen to the likes of Portished and Massive Attack when I’m chilling out. I also regularly found clogging everyones news feeds on Facebook up on the weekends with old school House music videos from YouTube!! I love Motown too! My youngest sister is vocalist in a Motown band. They are incredible live! Mum and Dad used to listen to lots of it when we were growing up which is why I think all four of us “kids” love it so much.

Xavier loves music and I am convinced it calms him down when he is agitated. There really is something about it that can lift your mood! Izabel is always singing in her bedroom too!

I have a friend who is always introducing me to new music! I love listening to new as well as old!

What music do you love? Can you live without it??

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