Happy New Year everyone!! 🙂

Hope you all had an amazing night, we just had a quiet night in, feet up, Barlow on the tele *swoon*, the kids stayed up for the first time ever to see in the new year! They were quite blown away by the London Fireworks display! It was pretty amazing to be fair! It always make me feel quite emotional when the clock strikes 12! I’m not sure why?! I hadn’t even had a drink either! 😀


So 2013… it was quite eventful!

I started my blog! HOORAH!

I started studying with the Open University: Understanding the Autism Spectrum.

My Gorgeous Xavier started a new school.

My Beautiful Izzy won the league with her football team in her first ever season playing “proper” football!

I have also made some amazing friends through football and through Autism.

We have had lots of ups and downs too…. but doesn’t everyone? Life would be boring without those, right?

I am not making resolutions as such but have a to-do list. I need to take care of myself more, not sit up all night on the computer (I’ve just looked at the clock and its almost 1 am! Ooops!) blogging, comping or whatever!

I want to carry on with the studies…. my Autism course finishes in March but I am due to start another in Feb: Health Sciences. My aim is to obtain a degree in a few years time. I wasn’t one for school! I hated it, but now I can choose what I want to learn it makes things much more exciting!

I will FIGHT til the bitter end to get my boy a Statement. (Statement of Educational Needs) and get him in the correct setting with the correct help. This should be at the top of the list as it is my priority for 2014!

I will also be a better blogger! I spend so much of my “me” time farting about on Facebook when I could be blogging!! Must Try Harder!!!!

So it just leaves me to wish you all a very Happy New Year for 2014!!


May it bring lots of love laughter and happiness!

x L x