Donate Mobile **REVIEW**

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I think the idea behind this company is fantastic! I am considering it when my contract runs out on my phone. How it works is, if you take your contract out with Donate Mobile they donate 10% of your total bill every month to a Charity of your choice!

This doesn’t mean your bill is higher than average… it is simply as it says: 10% of whatever you spend every month will go to charity and I love that you get to choose what Charity too!

I have two favourite charities, one of which is Cancer Research as it is something that is very close to my heart. But every year for the last four years I have taken part in the Race for Life and raised money for them that way and I will continue to do this. So if I were to use Donate Mobile’s services I would choose The National Autistic Society as my little boy has Aspergers/Autism and I think they are such a worthy cause. Raising money for them along with raising awareness is an important thing to me. I have learnt so much from their website since Xavier’s diagnosis almost 2 years ago.


So that’s who I would choose to donate £10 of my bill to! My monthly contract amounts to £36 a month so £3.60 from my bill a month would amount to a yearly donation of £43.20. Ok that doesn’t sound huge but every little helps surely?! I spend the £36 a month anyway so wouldn’t notice any different! Fantastic idea!



Change the world…with Donate Mobile - a short video to demonstrate what the company does.

There are great things to take into account too! For example, you can keep the same number, which is great as it is unnecessary grief changing your number. Their prices are as competitive as the big name brands.

I will certainly be looking into this when my contract is up for renewal.

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6 thoughts on “Donate Mobile **REVIEW**

  1. What a great idea!! A fab way to help your fave charity!

  2. kay adeola

    This is a great idea giving to charity

  3. This sounds like a great idea. Donating to charity without paying out gets the thumbs up from me x

  4. I love that you are giving to charity without costing yourself any more – there’s literally no reason not to!

  5. Great idea. Unfortunately lots of us are probably tied into lengthy contracts so the company has some pretty hefty promotion and marketing to do. Good luck to them though.

  6. Awesome idea! For such a great cause too :-)

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