Brother P-Touch H75 Labelling Machine **REVIEW**

Back to school can be an exciting but tedious time! Exciting for the kids to be back with all their friends and tedious for us Mums labelling all the uniforms, bags, shoes, lunch boxes etc!


Brother contacted me to ask me if I would be interested in reviewing one of their labelling machines! Perfect!


Xavier has an obsession with technology! Or come to think of it anything with buttons!!! This was soon snatched from my hands!! The label he holds in his hand is from the Brother Advert on the TV!! He thought of it and typed it into the machine himself!

The machine is lightweight and easy to use! It comes with 6 x AAA batteries and a tape cartridge. Our tape is clear with black lettering. What you can see in the above picture is the label still with the backing on.

Here is Xaviers water bottle and lunch box labelled.


It was as easy as switching the machine on, typing in his name, pressing print and then using the cutter button on the top of the machine. So simple to use, quick and saves soooo much time!


The machine is very lightweight too!


I haven’t fully looked into all the functions just yet but from what I can see there are symbols, numbers, capital and lower case letters that can be used.

It really is a great item for us busy mums! Not just for school things but at home, kids bedrooms, kitchen cupboard or fridge/freezer contents.

The tape for the labelling machine also comes in various colours with varying colours for the font too!


The RRP for this machine is around the £15-£20 mark.

Check out the brother website HERE

I was sent this product in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

8 thoughts on “Brother P-Touch H75 Labelling Machine **REVIEW**

  1. kay adeola

    This looks good very useful to have in the house.

  2. I actually NEED one of these in my life. My OCD would love it x

  3. I bet this was so much easier for you! I need one just for round the house haha!

    Kerry @ Lived With Love! | Mummy, Beauty & Lifestyle blog

  4. I’d be labelling everything! I’d blatantly get far too over excited by this ha ha

    • Admin

      It is very easily done…. trust me! LOL

  5. Could really do with one of these. Heck, there are days when I should probably even label the children!

    • Admin

      Hahahaha! :D

  6. This looks great and very easy to use!

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