I was very excited to be invited by BritMums and Morrisons to be a #MorrisonsMum and check out their new cheaper prices over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Our Bank Holiday was a quiet affair really. Well, the kids and I went to watch Crawley Town Girls Under 16s play their last match of the season. Unfortunately they lost 2-1 but it was an amazing game with a great atmosphere! A massive achievement was made though…. Xavier sat through a whole football match!!! … ok he did have his Samsung Tablet and headphones but he did it!! YAY!

After the footy we went to my lovely Mum in Laws for some catching up, glorious sunshine and a gorgeous pie and mash dinner! Hubby made an appearance a little later on as he went out with friends the night before (which is a real rarity) and was feeling a little delicate! HA!


The kids spent all afternoon playing in the garden at Nannys. It was great to see! They do play nicely together and are really close. Our garden at home needs some …. errrrmm… attention, shall we say so the kids haven’t really been out in ours yet this year.


So after a fabulous day with family on the Sunday, I went shopping to Morrisons. I normally shop at Tesco or Lidl and have never actually shopped in Morrisons before. Morrisons have just started a new campaign for cheaper prices!! Lots and lots, well 1200 price cuts in total and not just for a period of time… permanent cuts! I was told to look out for the “I’m Cheaper” signs instore. You couldn’t miss them! They were everywhere!


I am a bit of a “Stick to what you know” kinda girl so going into Morrisons was quite alien to me! I didn’t know their products or where anything was, but armed with the vouchers I was sent I went for it! Our local store is fairly small I think in comparison to most supermarkets (a new HUGE one is due to open any time now in our Town) but I liked the layout. It was quite open and not all cramped up. I loved the price cuts! When I was done the amount of food in my trolley I was dreading the total…. but to my surprise it was much much cheaper than a shop at Tesco! I seemed to have LOTS more in my trolley than I would for that price paid in Tesco! Very impressed!! The staff all around the store were very helpful, all smiling and the lovely lady on the checkout was very keen to help me pack.


So dinner on Monday was a nice hearty one. It worked out with all ingredients bought, at £1.97 per person which is FAB!



Place the pork chops/loins onto a baking tray. Pre heat oven to Gas Mark 6.


Make up the stuffing as you normally would adding a knob of butter.


put a layer of the ready stuffing mix on top of each chop/loin. I made up some stuffing balls with the leftovers. Put in the oven for 25-30 mins.

I served the pork with jersey new potatoes, yorkshire puddings, peas, sweetcorn and gravy.


Delicious and cheap.

I will definitely be returning to Morrisons for future shopping trips. I really enjoyed being a #MorrisonsMum