and quite frankly it is ridiculous!

Seriously why is it so hard to get my son the help he so desperately needs? Why does the school, that tells me how much my son is struggling and how little he is learning, try and throw a spanner in the works?!

Parents evening last week for both children. Regardless of what their teachers tell me, I am ALWAYS proud of them. Firstly Xaviers… 2 amazing things that stood out to me! Firstly he (and i have no idea how??!!) managed to produce a Power Point presentation….!!! I don’t even know how to use this!? Amazeballs! Secondly… he wrote (his 1-1 helper wrote/typed as he dictated) an AMAZING story about a Victorian Orphan. So descriptive and funny and all the punctuation was directed by him… blown away! He really is so clever which makes it even more frustrating that he isn’t getting the help he needs as he would be producing amazing work all the time.

Then next comes the bombshell… over the last 3 weeks my son has started getting physically aggressive with other children in his class. Over the last three week??!… and I’m told now?! Not acceptable! I know Xavier can be very aggressive at home but he has never laid a finger on another child. He will shout at them or cry but never hit or push. Now to me this sets off even more alarm bells that he is not coping and he is not in the right setting.

I then announced to his teacher that I have now put in the Request for Assessment myself.

We then went on to Izzys school for her appointment. She is doing great. So proud of her. Only one thing was that she possibly talks a little too much in class sometimes and it can distract others and hold her back!…. No idea where she gets that from?! πŸ˜‰ Since this appointment though she has really knuckled down and her teachers have told her they are Β proud of her. She is off to secondary school in september so I’ve been having a few chats with her about needing to get her head down and continue the hard work.

When we came out of school from Izzys appointment I had a missed call from Xaviers school (it was almost 7pm). Tried to call back but just got answer phone. So the following morning when i took Xavier to school I was collared by his teacher and asked if I had 5 mins to see the SENco.

I went in to see her and she was upset that I had requested assessment for Xavier myself… Apparently I have scuppered all chances of Xavier getting a statement by doing this and the panel of people who decide on who gets a statement will not even consider it. I have since found out that this is complete rubbish… I am well within my rights as a parent to Request Assessment for my son! I have been lied to all the way along by being told all his reports and evidence are ready and waiting to go and how the statement process works and I am not a happy Mummy!

The school have even called our local county council to try and stop MY request! Unreal!! I have been assured that the school do not have the power to stop my request and the process will still all be going ahead!

I am so cross right now that I have been lied to! All I have is my sons best interests at heart… the same as any mother would! All I want is for Xavier to be happy and learning in his school environment which currently is not the case!

So after an overall fight for almost 2 and a half years the Statement ball is now finally rolling!! Wish I had done it sooner!

Really not happy at the moment BUT I have to look at the positives: Xavier is now on the road to getting the right help, an education and all hopefully in the correct setting in the not too distant future!