A little update….

I can’t believe it has been so long since I blogged!

I have missed it terribly but have been so incredibly busy…life just sometimes gets in the way.

A brief update on things here:

Izabel is continuing to do well in school and her sports. She is an amazing girl! The football team are doing well. Izabel got player of the match a couple of weekends ago! She was sooooo pleased and I as always am very proud!

We have sent in her application for secondary school!!!! I still cannot get over the fact that she will be leaving Primary School in the Summer! Waaaah! Give me my baby girl back! She’s growing up into such a beautiful young lady!


Now onto Xavier…

He is doing “ok” at school… he is happy enough but is not learning anything according to the SENCO. Hubby and I made the decision to check out a couple of Special Needs Schools because this is where he really needs to be. Hubby came with me to the first one Woodlands Meed and we loved it, its a new build and looked fantastic.

The second one my Mum came with me, it’s called Manor Green. I thought the 1st school we looked at was amazing! This one completely blew me away. The Head really wants Xavier in his school, he wants to get him progressing and learning. Where he is now, the school are lovely and doing what they can for him but they just don’t have the resources and I need to think long term.

My boy needs help and needs to learn. Having a head full of Dr Who knowledge will not get him anywhere in life.

… but for Xavier to be in a special needs setting he needs a statement! Which at the moment seems to be going nowhere! The whole process takes six months but hasn’t even got off the ground yet from what I understand.

I will fight all the way! It’s my sons Education!


As for me… yeah I’m ok, stressing, worrying, not sleeping well etc…. but that’s what Mums do right?

2 thoughts on “A little update….

  1. Sorry to hear your statement is taking a long time. We received the final version of Luis’s statement a couple of weeks ago which is a relief! He is in a much calmer phase at the moment so we are hoping he can stay in mainstream, with a lot of support. I went to look at Manor Green as well, lovely school, but I think Luis is borderline as to whether he would be able to go there or not, which the head made quite clear to us – I think because he is academically able and can just about cope with lots of support in mainstream they would prefer him to be in mainstream. We’re just going to see how the next few months go. Good luck with the statement!

    • Admin

      Well done on getting Luis’ statement! YAY! Xavier is not academically able and thats the problem i think, its so hard to get my head around because he is so intelligent! :/ Keep me posted on how he gets on xxx

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