My lovely friend Hazel Christopher has written this incredible poem!! I Have to share it with you all!!

My letter to David Cameron (By Hazel Christopher)

Dear Mr Cameron

Dear Mr Cameron, I’m hoping you are well?
The purpose of my letter is I have story I need to tell
The neighbourhood I live in is a lovely place to be
We’re friendly, kind and caring, a real community
We look out for each other and the crime rates very low
Only recently things changed a bit, I thought that you should know
It started last November, as the weather got real cold
Mrs Edwards got very ill, you see she was quite old
She couldn’t afford her heating and pride got in her way
Her generation don’t like to ask for help, she didn’t like to say
On a Monday morn an ambulance called as pneumonia had set in
Perhaps she would have survived if she hadn’t been so thin
Prices have gone through the roof so she was rationing her food
Although she did donate to number 6 to help to feed their brood

After Mrs Edwards, had passed so suddenly
Mr Jones of number 8 fell and hurt his knee
He was on the sick for a while until ATOS got involved
Then his claims for DLA just seemed to be dissolved
So he signed on for quite a bit but he turned up late one day
The bus had broken down and he apologised for the delay
“I’m sorry Mr Jones that excuse won’t do
What if we believed everyone who said the same as you?”
We’ll have to sanction you now, no money for several weeks
As Mr Jones was sitting there the colour drained from his cheeks
On Christmas Eve he packed his bags and was living on the street
The council threw him out cause they have quotas they need to meet

Then on January 25th, I won’t forget that date
Little Daisy from down the road collapsed outside her gate!
Well we were all in a panic, she was only four
They hurried her to hospital only it wasn’t there no more!
Of course it had to be closed when the country tightened its belt
I tried to explain to Daisys mam but you can imagine how she felt
The funeral was awful, together the community wept
We’d never felt such sadness, we all were left bereft

In March there was a shooting, did you see it on TV?
A local man, well just a kid, had enough you see
He’d suffered many problems and couldn’t get support
Not much help for mental health as you might have thought
Two victims laying in the street a man with gun in hand
He shook his head as the police arrived he didn’t understand
What happened to these people? He asked as he was led away
Our community were saddened, we lost three lives that day

So Mr David Cameron, we have a problem here
Tell me when you read my tale do you shed a tear?
This is my neighbourhood but there are many just like mine
Who haven’t but a tin of beans on which at night they dine
Do you sleep well David? Do you worry about your bills?
Do you wonder what would happen if you were to fall ill?
Do you fret about your children or fret about your wife?
Have you ever had felt so cold you feared for your life?

I ask you Mr Cameron, what is it we should do?
How can we, the community, survive just like you?
Please answer Dear David, help us understand
How we, like you, can live a life so grand.

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