10th Birthday Wishlist

10th Birthday Wishlist

So now the madness of Christmas is out of the way I have Xaviers 10th birthday to think about in a couple of weeks!! He was thoroughly spoilt at christmas as was his sister. They have loads of new things so what do I buy him?? Pennies are tight too so I have been looking on the website for The Works as I know Xavier LOVES that shop!! Here are a few things that I know will go down well!!


A Dr Who DVD Board game!! He loves all things Dr Who! Although I fear he is the only one who would know the answers to the questions!! At £10 its very reasonable too!

Xavier has been talking about wanting to learn the guitar too. His sister has one but its pink so he isn’t too keen on using hers haha! The Works has one for £20 which includes a plectrum, spare string and a carry bag. That is amazing value! I think this one could very well be a definite buy!


One of his newest obsessions is Super Cars. He loves them. He has quite a few books on them now. On his (quite long) journey to and from school he is always looking out for them and knows what most of them are!! For Christmas he got a boxed model Lambourgini and was really chuffed with it. He says he wants to start collecting them. Ive seen this which is actually a Radio Controlled version, so one he can play with. Great price too at £15 rather than £25!


So really awesome things on here. Books are always an amazing present for Xavier! He is a huge book worm! So although I thought I was stuck for ideas, there is lots out there that would make his day! With an added bonus of them being great prices too so not going to break the bank after the expense of Christmas!

Any other ideas for a 10 year old boy?

New Year…. New Decor?

New Year…. New Decor?

Now the new year is here and the Christmas decs are packed away and the spring cleaning has commenced, I feel I want to do some decorating in here! We got a new kitchen back in July/August so that is about the only room in the house I am happy with.

Does anyone else feel like this?

We have been in this house almost 10 years and its never been really decorated to how I want it.


I dream of a clutter free house with beautiful accessories! A gorgeous dining table to sit at at meal times and discuss how the kids days at school went.

We had wooden flooring put in the whole of the bottom floor of the house when we moved in but it is starting to show signs of wear. I would love some luxury flooring which would either be wooden flooring again but maybe a darker colour, we have Oak at the moment, or some some lovely thick carpet. I have so many wonderful ideas in my head! Where to start??!


My bedroom hasn’t been touched since we moved in. It has horrid lilac walls and we made the mistake or having cream carpet which follows into the hallway and down the stairs! Now we have 3 black cats…. 2 of which are long haired!! ARGH! Not a good combination! I think I’d rather get the rest of the house sorted though, my bedroom isn’t a priority!


Ive seen thousands of accessories and bit and bobs that would look amazing in my home but I need to decide on themes and colours first. So much to think about. So many ideas, I think I need to head over to pinterest and work out how to use it properly!!

Do you have any projects for the new year?

Happy New Year 2016!!

Happy New Year 2016!!

So I’ve been away from the blog for quite a while. I had to have some time out. I do feel a little better for it to be honest and now we’ve turned the page of a new book with the New Year I am raring to go again.

Things have been pretty heartbreaking here over the last couple of months as we lost 2 family members in the space of a week. One was my 94 year old Grandad who was in hospital for 2 weeks and we watched him gradually deteriorate. I fed him in hospital, spoke to him about memories, sometimes he was with it, sometimes he wasn’t, I laughed, smiled and cried at his bedside. It is the first time I have been so involved in a death and it hit me hard. He was such a wonderful man and I have many many fond memories and I will keep those very close to my heart. Rest in Peace Grandad.


Amongst the sadness though there have been lots of happy moments.

Xavier continues to thrive at his school! His confidence grows more and more by the day. He took part in the school Christmas Production!!! He was one of the Narrators! He has never been involved in a christmas performance before! He hated being centre of attention and an “all eyes on me” situation would be like his worst nightmare! Not anymore. Next year he says he is going for a bigger role!! He is aiming for Joseph! Just WOW! This makes me so happy!!


We have had an amazing parents evening for Izzy too! She is working really hard and is doing fantastically well! Especially in Art. She is in Year 8 and her Art Teacher said she’s working at a GCSE standard!! That is very exciting!! She LOVES art. Bless her she can have a hell of a lot to deal with at home at times. She is now a teenager too so her hormones are rife! She does her best and thats all I can ever ask of her! I am a very proud Mum!

So 2015 was a mixed bag! Lots of highs and lows!! 2016 however is going to be amazing!! I have missed blogging so much so there will be plenty more from me! This year will be awesome and I cannot wait to share it all with you!

Thanks for sticking with me!!

Happy New Year!

Halfords Black Friday Competition

Halfords Black Friday Competition



Halford Black Friday Competition

Another Awesome competition to alert you to! Win £1500 worth of goodies from Halfords!

Thats the 1st prize! 2nd prize is goodies up to £750 and 3rd prize is goodies up to £400!! Great competition, great prizes and great timing with the big day creeping up on us! All you have to do to enter is click on the picture above which will take you straight to the page! You just need to sign up to the mailing list and thats it! Easy!

Good Luck everyone! My entry is in!

Halford Black Friday Competition

Win Winter Wellies for all the family with Shoetique

Win Winter Wellies for all the family with Shoetique


I know my readers love a competition! The last few I have run have had an amazing response.

I just wanted to alert you to a competition being run by Shoetique…. You can win wellies for the whole family! A very handy prize for this time of year! My wellies will be getting plenty of action every weekend from now on as I watch my daughter play football!


It is easy to enter too! All you have to do is sign up to their newsletter! Simples! Be quick though as it ends on the 1st of November so only a few days to go!!


Good Luck! Hope one of my readers wins!!

Miles Kelly Book Review – Project Body

Miles Kelly Book Review – Project Body


When we were asked to review a couple of books from Miles Kelly I absolutely jumped at the chance! We LOVE books in this house! Especially the kids! Xavier gets engrossed in books, particularly factual ones.

We received Project Body and straight away Xaviers face was buried in it! Just in the first 10 minutes of him having a look through I was asked “Mum, did you know………?” numerous times about various things. Actually some of the things he asked I had no idea about so I learnt things too!


Every single page is rammed with lots of information and facts about the body, bones, skin, wees and poos, hair, organs, blood….. the list really is endless. The are flaps to lift on every page too with even more pics or facts hidden underneath.


The book is full of amazing pictures and diagrams, cartoon characters, fun fonts which is guaranteed to keep kids engaged. There is so much to look at. It is so interesting for me too, as an adult to read. Xavier loves this book. He has read it cover to cover now a fair few times and randomly spouts out facts that he has learnt.

We as a family Would definitely recommend this book from Miles Kelly


We were sent a copy of this book to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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