Pets are a wonderful thing!

Pets are a wonderful thing!

We have three cats! Let me tell you a little about them…


Barney is our oldest boy, he is 7 years old and has us worried regularly as he wanders off for a week at a time in all weathers. We are convinced some old lady nearby must feed him! (Not that we don’t of course lol)

Domino is our middle boy at 4 years old. He is so loving, he loves a fuss and absolutely adores our daughter Izabel! He also has a thing about shoes! He loves to lay on shoes! Strange cat lol!

Then lastly there is Max. He is almost a year old and a total scamp! He has naughty written all over his face! Don’t be fooled by the cuteness! We have just started going outside and is loving chasing the bees and butterflies around the garden.

I have always had animals in my life, all through my childhood my parents had dogs. They are such a massive part of a family and can have a huge impact on peoples lives and health. The following will show you more about it!

Pet infographic

Do you have any pets? Please share your stories :)

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is what is needed! Xaviers school swimming lessons have finished now. I went to watch his last session and he got straight in the pool and to my complete amazement he bobbed down to get his shoulders wet and even put his mouth in the water and blew bubbles!!! To say I was gobsmacked would be an understatement! These things probably seem menial to others but this is such a huge huge achievement for him! I never thought he would ever get in a swimming pool!!!

Back to the encouragement thing. Well school sessions are over and tomorrow is the last day of school for the summer. Now as much as I would love to take him swimming in the holidays it is going to be packed! It was quiet when the school went swimming and I’m not sure how well he would cope with a packed and very noisy swimming pool.

So… my plan is to get a pool for the garden. Not quite the same thing I know but it will help keep his confidence of water growing. We go on holiday at the end of the summer holidays and there are 4 pools at the resort we will be staying at so I want him to feel confident to get in the pool while we are there.

With this beautiful weather we have been blessed with I have been checking out the internet as I know lots of places will have sold out of pools. I came across All Round Fun who not only have pools in stock but I have also discovered they have 25% off! Awesome! Just waiting for payday to arrive and I will for sure be choosing a pool and having some fun with the kids in it! If we can’t go to the pool, the pool can come to us! I really want Xavier to progress with this and one day learn to swim. I feel its a life skill that everyone should have.



Stalking the postman….

Stalking the postman….

Yes I just said that out loud!

When we were written to months ago at the start of Xaviers Statement process we were told they were working to have a decision by 8th July…. well, that day came, I sat anxiously twitching at the curtains for the postie to come…. he walked straight past! Erm… surely there must be some kind of mistake! I must have looked like a crazy lady! I flew out the door and said “Excuse me…. are you sure there is no post for me??” She looked at me and said “Errrr…. no. Sorry.”

I could have cried. So I came indoors and had a mini meltdown of my own. I called the case worker and told her that I have been stalking the postman and was she able to tell me if THE letter has even left their office yet. Another blow…. NO! Argh. One of the reports from the professionals had been running late and they were then having to type it all up to go to the panel of people who make the decision on whether Xavier will actually get a statement or not. She told me to chill (PAH! In total I have been waiting for this moment for over 2 and a half years…. I bit my tongue) and said she would phone me when the decision was made and that should happen within the next week. Well here we are a week later and I think I am officially starting to lose the plot a little! Again waiting for the postie to come today…. a different postie this time and he walked down my path and the letter box went. I jumped up to find a ripped Morrisons offers leaflet screwed up hanging through my door!!! I got cross stormed outside and chucked it straight in my recycling bin and slammed the lid so hard the postman looked round and was met with a very unfriendly glare from me!

I know she said she would phone me… I just cannot help my erratic behaviour! This whole fight/process has consumed so much of my time, tears, energy and sanity.

I can see that even if he does get this Statement, I will still have to fight for my boy. Why do we have to fight so much. Autistic children have as much right to an education as any other child, in the right setting, with the right support. My son is so very clever and very capable. He just needs to be in the right school.

We received his school report yesterday. I am proud! I will always be proud. It does highlight the struggles he has in school but it also shows how hard he tries in what is clearly a very difficult environment for him a lot of the time.

So….. any day now. Until that time I am afraid I will not be able to stop curtain twitching or checking that my phone volume is up…LOUD.

You will all know when the phone rings with THAT call or when the postman brings THAT letter!! The whole world will know!


Time Keeping…

Time Keeping…

is one of only a handful of things that I am good at! I HATE being late! Hate it! Sometimes I oversleep on school mornings but the kids are never late! I probably look like I’ve been pulled through a hedge backwards but I get them there on time! Every time!

I rely on my phone for an alarm clock, the clock on the mantel piece when I’m at home and the clock in the car when I’m out and about.

What I need is a watch!!!

I have spent a few hours browsing The Watch Hut and their thousands of wonderful watches and have managed to whittle down the massive selection to 2 watches that I would put on my wish list!


This would be my first choice for a versatile every day watch but still having the bit of bling that I do adore! :)

Then secondly I would choose this one for more dressy occasions… again bling encrusted…. I don’t have much glitz in my life so anything with a bit of bling is very welcome!


Aren’t they just beautiful!!? Well…. I will just keep on dreaming about these two and in the mean time keep on being punctual! Can’t stand lateness!! Do you have a beautiful bling worthy watch or a battered old time piece!? How is your time keeping?

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How do you deal with it?

How do you deal with it?

Not a good day at school for Xavier. His teacher came out to me and Izabel in the playground whilst he was getting his stuff ready to come home at the end of the day. She told me about an incident in the playground at school today with a year 5 girl. She was running around and around him and he asked her politely to go away. She didn’t. Then he moved away from her and she followed, goading him, winding him up…. then he lost it. He put his hands around her throat and squeezed! He tried to strangle her! Then and only then did a member of staff step in!! Why was this not stopped before… why was the goading not stopped, why was he allowed to be wound up? Why did the staff see this going on and not step in?

Afterwards Xavier was inconsolable and said he felt like a monster and said that he wanted to kill himself. My 11 year old daughter was present in the playground when the teacher told me this and she got very upset.

Since we got home Izzy kept bringing up how Xavier shouldn’t have done that at school, I told her to leave it. Again, she carried on and on and on and then Xavier kicked her in a rage. I told him to go to his room to calm down, he wouldn’t go! I cannot physically lift him. Then Izabel started saying no-one cares about me and no-one loves me and saying hurtful things so I asked her to go to her room for a little while. She won’t do as she is told either. So they are both sat here fuming at each other and I really don’t know what to do or how else to deal with it.

I do my damned best for my kids yet still feel like a bloody failure at times. What can I do? How can I deal with this? I had an assessment from a Family Link Worker today who was lovely, hopefully she will be able to help us and top of my priority list of things to get sorted is Xaviers Anger. I am meeting again with her next week.

In the meantime I feel as though I am banging my head against a brick wall and just not good enough.


Getting a Good Nights Sleep?

Getting a Good Nights Sleep?

INFOGRAPHIC Girl V 2 no Logos

How does your child sleep at night? I have been quite lucky with my 2 over the years. Xavier started having issues falling asleep a couple of years ago but now has to take Melatonin at bed time. It isn’t medication as such its a top up of what we all have, he is just lacking in it. This is quite a common thing with Autistic Children. He has an overactive brain too which doesn’t help.

Worlds Apart have conducted a sleep survey with parents of young children and you may be able to relate to some of the outcomes in the picture above.

Ready for Bed? - Worlds Apart

Mandy Gurney is Sleep Advisor to the NHS . Mandy has written a Toddler Sleep Guide, in which she addresses common toddler sleep problems – outlining her tried and tested sleep routine for children, offering advice for when parents are moving their little ones from a cot into their first big bed, and suggesting ways that parents can make their children’s first night away from home a little easier. Mandy has also created a video, so that parents can listen to her sleep advice in a dynamic and interesting way. You’ll find the video as well as lots of additional sleep content on the Worlds Apart’s website.

Parents from the survey also reported that when their child was two to three years old, they were woken up an average of three times a night – that’s only one less time than with a newborn.

Three quarters of the parents surveyed were back at work and found this particularly difficult. Two thirds of couples found that the amount of broken sleep during the first three years of their child’s life added stress to their relationship, and seven in ten couples said that the stress caused by a lack of sleep led to arguments.

So what is causing children to wake up? Situations such as teething, bad dreams and the transition from a cot to their first bed all add to the hours of sleep lost during this time.

  • During the first three years of a child’s life, parents could lose half an hour of sleep a month from putting their child back to bed after they’ve fallen or climbed out.
  • A further 16 minutes of sleep may be lost a month simply because the toddler doesn’t feel safe in the bedroom environment.
  • Mums and dads spend 18 minutes a month getting their child used to unfamiliar surroundings.
  • Losing a dummy, being scared of the dark and hearing other children walking around were also found to be regular reasons for parents being woken up at night.Mandy Gurney added: “Bringing up a child can be very stressful for parents, and anything that helps them get through this time will have a positive impact on family life. As this survey has highlighted, sleep problems extend far beyond the first year of a child’s life. The move from a cot to their first big bed often causes difficulties. If parents follow a few guideline suggestions, the disruption to family life can be far reduced during this time.”

So if you are having a nightmare with your childs sleeping patterns please feel free to check out the advice guide above!

How old was your child when they slept through without waking? Are you having problems in this area now?


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