Euro Camp France – La Croix Du Vieux Pont – August 2014.

Euro Camp France – La Croix Du Vieux Pont – August 2014.


Our 1st ever family holiday abroad!! We were so excited to be picked as Eurocamp bloggers this summer! The 1st family holiday in years and the kids FIRST EVER trip abroad! Exciting times!!

So we leave home for our drive to Dover at around 6am … it was raining and miserable! It took around an hour and a half to get there and we were just in time. We were one of the last cars to board the ferry and were parked on a ramp. We leave the car and go up on deck onto the ferry. It was a little choppy and Ed was feeling sick. The kids were UBER excited even with the miserable weather. Here they are out on the top deck… Izzy … flip-flops were not really ideal! LOL!


The crossing was pretty straightforward. My nerves were now kicking in though as I had never driven abroad before and was DREADING the next bit! We headed back to the car to be told by one of the ferry stewards that my car had been rolling about in transit… WHAT? The handbrake was on!! They had to put blocks behind my tyres! Ooops! So now sat back in the car waiting for the cars to drive out and I’m stuck on an upwards ramp with a handbrake that doesn’t work and Im panicking trying to get biting point right so that I don’t roll back and hit the car behind me! EEEEEEEKKK!!! So the cars in front of me start moving away and I pull THE BIGGEST wheel spin in the world… smoke and all… how embarrassing hahaha! The kids asked…. “Erm, Mum? What is that smell??” My response: “That, my darlings, is Mummys tyres!” Off we set, through the smoke and smell of rubber onto foreign soil!

Ok picture the scene… scared witless of driving on the other side of the road… trying to keep an eye on my speed…. it is absolutely pissing down with rain…. “are we nearly there yet?” from the little voices in the back of the car… STRESSED!!!

The journey from Calais to EuroCamp took about 2 and a half hours in total. Quite a drive but as you will see when you read on it was SO worth it.

EuroCamp – La Croix Du Vieux Pont, France… We are here!!!!

We got there, went to reception and picked up our key! Very excited but tired children by this point.


Beautiful 3 bed home with decking area and a close walk to all the amenities. Perfect. It was wonderfully clean with a lovely welcome pack waiting for us along with towels and beach towels. The place was spotless and like brand new!

We unloaded the car and went to explore the resort!

So much to see and do!! An instant attraction for the kids was the man made beach! Amazing!




Although we started with rain in France we had some very very lovely weather too which was an added bonus! We all actually came home with a sun tan!

Another place that we spent quite a bit of time was the swimming pool! There are 4 pools which includes inside and outside, 2 water slides (which Izzy absolutely loved!) and a fountain room for younger kids! Now swimming has always been an issue for Xavier as he hated being splashed and getting his face wet etc. With lots of encouragement we managed to get him in the pool, and standing under water fountains by the end of the holiday!! He even put his face underwater but made the mistake of breathing in instead of out!! Ooops! So proud of my boy for his swimming pool achievements during our holiday!!

Here is photographic evidence!! YAY!!


There were kids clubs for Various ages, that includes LOADS of different activities, which you can find out about HERE. My kids didn’t take part in the kids clubs which was their own choice. I’m not sure how Xavier would have coped. He likes to do his own thing. Izzy was feeling a little shy and also chose not to. We had lots of fun regardless.

A couple of times we took a little stroll into the village down the road to stock up on some supplies and check out the local area. It made for some lovely photographs… which I will bore you with right now!! :)




The campsite is so very beautiful and clean incredibly picturesque! I took hundreds of photographs and promise to not send you off to sleep with them all but I really have to show you what we were surrounded with during our wonderful stay! There were a couple of fishing lakes, one of which you could hire canoes and pedlos on. There was a table tennis room, lots of play parks dotted about the site, restaurants, bars, a shop and bakery, bowling alley… which we went to and I got my backside whooped by the kids! Also there is Laser Quest, pool tables, climbing wall, bike hire, trampolines, go karts, football station, seriously the list is endless. No matter what age your children are… they will not be bored! I guarantee that!!



Also available from the Main Reception of the campsite is 2 day trips that you can book onto. First and probably most popular is a Day trip to DisneyLand Paris. Second is a day trip to Paris. We opted for the second as the first one was a little out of our budget. We went to Paris! We fell in love with it!! Xavier wanted to bring the Eiffel Tower home with us! It was a VERY long  day but so worth it!

As we walked to reception to meet our coach that morning I managed to capture this picture of the lake. It was so stunning!


So we jump on the coach and travel for about an hour and a half into central Paris! When we get there we didn’t know where we were going but just kind of walked and ended up walking round a corner to this:



How magnificent is that?!! Xavier was really blown away by it! So here follows the obligatory Paris shots!! Nooooo I hear you cry! Yes! They are quite good you know! If you ever get the chance to go to Paris…. DO IT!



My gorgeous Izzy sat by the River Seine.


Xavier was feeling a little unwell so we had a rest by the River. He needed to rest his little legs too. It was a very humid day so the rest was welcomed by us all to be honest. I love sitting and watching the world go by especially in unfamiliar places.

We saw L’Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, La Louvre to name but a few. Really not realising all there is to see. There were street artists everywhere too and I bought the most wonderful oil painting.


My 2 fave pics from Paris are the kids with the Eiffel Tower.


We were all absolutely shattered from our day in gay Paris but loved every minute.

What I loved so much about Eurocamp was the happiness in my children’s eyes. Xavier coped so incredibly well with the complete change of routine and new things surrounding him. My kids had an absolute ball on their 1st trip abroad! There was so much to see and do just around the campsite let alone the day trips out. Eurocamp made our holiday amazing. I honestly have nothing bad to say whatsoever. The atmosphere on camp was always calm, everyones faces were smiling all the time, the staff were wonderful and incredibly helpful. We would LOVE to visit La Croix Du Vieux Pont again as we had THE most amazing holiday there. I would recommend to ANYONE. Next years prices and special offers you can check out HERE. Get booking!! You won’t regret it!

We were very sad to pack up and leave camp when our week was over! The sun was shining in France for our drive back to Calais to catch the ferry. Beautiful! You will be pleased to know there were no wheel spins on the journey home and no burnt rubber! I managed to get parked on the flat when homeward bound. The P&O ferry crossing home was wonderfully calm and we were welcomed back home to England in true Brit Style……. BLOODY RAIN!

It had to be done!!

It had to be done!!

I love tattoos! I have a few small ones already. My 2 most cherished are my children’s names on the insides of my wrists.

So in theory I have an arm to dedicate to each child in art work! Now I appreciate tattoos are not everyones cup of tea but I LOVE them!

Here is my Xavier Tattoo on my right wrist.


Now I couldn’t not have an Autism related Tattoo could I to start things off?! As the title of this post says…. It had to be done!!

… Here it is! I know some people will hate it but really I don’t care because its not their tattoo its mine! :)


I had this done at Inked Tattoo Studio in Crawley by the very talented Andy Gibson. You can look them up on Facebook! :)

I think I may have to have something Dr Who related next on that arm…. also need to start thinking of what to put on my Izabel arm too!!

If I was rich I think I would be fairly covered in tattoos!!

Do you have tattoos? If so what of? Do you hate Tattoos? Why?

Why is it all so bloody difficult?

Why is it all so bloody difficult?

To get the help that is so desperately needed?? Xavier was referred by the GP with a supporting letter from our Family Link worker to the Children and Adults Mental Health Service. I raised my concerns a while ago as my son, who is only 8 years old… keeps talking about not wanting to be here, wishes he was dead, wants to kill himself etc. Recently, whilst in a huge meltdown he ran to the kitchen drawer where the knives are and he managed to get his hand on one but Thank Goodness I was there to stop him getting any further.

It breaks my heart that he feels this way. It breaks my heart to hear those words come from his mouth. It breaks my heart thinking about the craziness that must go on inside his little head and there is nothing I can do to take that away. I just wrap my arms around him, hold him tight, tell him how much I love him and try and reassure him that everything is ok.

I received a letter back from the Mental Health Team at the end of last week saying that they will not be taking him on and if we have any concerns we need to speak to someone else. What the hell does he have to be like to be taken on by them then? How utterly ridiculous! It makes my blood boil! My son very clearly needs their help. He says his brain talks to him and tells him to do things, it tells him to hold on to his toilet which is a huge huge problem for him.  How bad do things have to get for them to help him?? His aggression and violent behaviour is gradually getting worse and as he gets bigger and stronger there is going to be a lot less I can do to manage this! At the moment I can.

Why do these children with disabilities, additional needs etc etc not get the help they so rightly deserve without the parents/carers having to put up a soul destroying, heart breaking fight EVERY SINGLE TIME???


Back to school!

Back to school!

How has it been for your kids so far?

Izabel has taken to Secondary school REALLY well. I never thought there would ever be any issues but she is just SO excited about it! It is so lovely to see! She has been getting stuck into homework without prompt and even doing some in her lunch break at school! Good Girl! Hope the novelty doesn’t wear off!

Here she is looking all grown up!!!


Xavier has struggled a little with the move to Year 4. He still has the same teacher so that was one less worry. There are lots of changes put in place so that is probably the main reason for his struggles. Too much in one go. We are still waiting for the final statement to be printed. I had to name a school on it. I named our local Special Needs School which is currently quite over subscribed so there may be some wait. :( He does seem to fair better with the routine of school.

I am grateful for the children returning to school. I do like “me time” and 6 weeks without any is quite tough. Don’t get me wrong I love my kids but the summer holidays are quite hard going with 2 children wanting totally different things. We did finish off though with a fab week away to France. There will be a blog post coming up about that. It was amazing!!

Unusual Gifts on a Budget!

Unusual Gifts on a Budget!

Unusual and Lovely Personalised Gifts for Children on a Budget

If you’re after a gift for a little one and want something really sweet without breaking the bank, a personalised gift is a good way to go. After all, what could make them feel more special than an item with their name or photo on it? There are so many different options available now for all budgets, too.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite unusual but lovely personalised gifts for children on a budget to help get you inspired.


A photo jigsaw puzzle with their favourite picture

These are a great idea as kids love the fun and creativity of puzzles, but you can give them something with a difference if you opt for a photo puzzle, using one of their favourite pictures. They’re really cheap too, as you can buy them online at sites like for just £9.99.

Personalised pencils or crayons for school

Perfect for the back to school stuff is a brand new set of pencils or crayons, and give them an added sense of pride over their belongings (and help avoid them from losing them!) by opting for ones with their name on. You can get a set for just £7.99 here. You could even opt for a personalised pencil case for them to put them in too which is a nice idea.

Personalised apron or baking equipment

If the little one in your life loves helping mum or dad or someone else in the kitchen, their own cooking/baking equipment is a good idea, or even a lovely personalised apron! We love this one with a pretty pocket and embroidered name, and at £14 it’s a good price, too. It comes with free delivery and free gift wrapping options too which are useful.


Embroidered school or PE kit bag

School or PE kit bags can be really dull, so help theirs stand out in the cloakroom at school with their own special personalised one, whether it’s with a picture or just their name. There are some lovely ones from Becky and Lolo and a lot of them are under £25 and all look really good quality which is probably a good idea!

Personalised story book with their name in

Story time is a lovely time for little ones, and you can make it even more special by purchasing a story book for them that features their own name! There are loads of stores and sites that do these, so it’s just a case of hunting around for one that you really like. may be a good place to start as that’s a website dedicated to personalised story books.

A name sign for their bedroom door/room

A name sign for their bedroom door is a nice idea, especially if they have siblings and want to ensure they keep out! You can make your own bedroom door sign on this website and you can choose from lots of different templates and designs. They seem really cheap but look good quality too.

*PR Collaboration

Sad Times…

Sad Times…

I am in utter shock that Robin Williams has passed away! I grew up watching his films. Such a funny funny man yet beneath all those amazing characters he played and the voices he done and the comedy…. stood a very very sad individual who was so low and so unhappy that he committed suicide! I am genuinely heartbroken that a man who can bring so many people so much laughter and happiness was so badly suffering with depression he couldn’t go on.

What is also sad is that Depression is rarely spoken of and is very misunderstood. It takes for a high profile figure to end his life for people to start talking.  Why?

I suffer from depression and have done for very many years. For me unless you have been there, it can be a very difficult illness to understand. I have been through 3 breakdowns. I have felt like I have lost my mind on many occasions. I have not wanted to leave my house. I have not wanted to get out of my bed. I have cried  and sobbed for hours for no apparent reason. I have wanted to run away from everything. To be brutally honest, if it wasn’t for my children I’m not sure where I would be right now.

Sometimes I need people and I need to talk. Sometimes I need to know people are there but cannot face talking about things.

If you have a friend or family member suffering, let them know you are there if they need you. Sometimes that is enough. Let them offload their troubles. Don’t let them suffer alone. This illness doesn’t always end in tragic circumstances but people need to know that it can very often go this way. People need to be aware of Depression and have a little bit of knowledge of how it can affect someone. If you suffer and have kept quiet, please speak to someone. You do not have to go through this alone. If you don’t want to see/speak to a doctor then please talk to a friend or relative. It is so important.

If you don’t have anyone to talk to you have me! Comment here or email me on the address in the side bar. I understand what it is like and would hate to think of people going it alone.

Lets lose the stigma attached to Depression. It isn’t a taboo subject and should be spoken about! Depression Awareness needs to raised.


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