Everything is going to plan!

Everything is going to plan!

Remember my last post about breaking the news to Xavier about him moving to a new school…. he was heartbroken…. devastated! I felt awful!

Since then and leading up to his 1st session at new school EVERYONE has been bigging up the new school, saying how awesome its going to be. All positives, no negatives at all and he seemed very intrigued!

So leading up to his first visit I didn’t sleep well and was getting myself in a state about whether he was going to like it or not. Well…. I could have cried!! No need to worry at all! HE LOVED IT!!!

He went into his classroom and met his teacher and support workers. Then slowly the 11 other boys from his class trickled in from the playground and had been told he was coming and gave him such a lovely welcome. One boy in particular had such a beautiful smile on his face and said Hi. Xavier made a beeline for him and they high fived! My sister who was with me said a few times she had to fight back the tears!

We had a tour of the school and Xavier was just blown away! He just kept repeating OH MY GOD!! The look on his face was priceless! The excitement and happiness in his eyes was incredible!! We have waited so long for a moment like this!! AMAZING!

My sister and I left him to it in his classroom for a couple of hours and were made to feel at home in the family room. We were told to help ourselves in the kitchen to a cuppa which was nice. In the time that we left him, his new teacher had got him designing a Red Nose, cutting out bunting…. but best of all Tom (teacher) said… Come on lets go to Assembly! Xavier hesitated and said “Ohhh…. Ermmm…. I don’t do assembly!” (which he doesn’t at his current school…he hates it.) Tom then said “Oh, we love it here…come on…” and off Xavier went into Assembly… no refusing, no fuss… nothing! Just WOW!

This school is going to be absolutely amazing for him! I just know it will and he is going to flourish!

When we came out of the 1st session he was bouncing up and down saying MUM…. OMG i LOVE this school!! His eyes were wide and sparkling!

He has since had 2 more visits and seems more and more excited every time! He cannot wait to start full time. This week sees him finish his chapter at his current school. Friday will be a sad day, it’s his last day! They are throwing him a little party in his classroom which is sweet.

So my gorgeous boy… here is to your brand new and incredibly exciting chapter! At your new school, with new friends and ENDLESS possibilities! I know you will go far and I will be behind you every single step of the way.


Gorgeous photo credit to my sister Jennie.

The Socially Speaking Game Review

The Socially Speaking Game Review


We have kindly been sent The Socially Speaking Game from LDA to review! Just our cup of tea!

Now anyone who knows my son will know exactly what it takes to peel him away from his iPad….Minecraft, Youtube Videos, etc etc…. It is incredibly hard!

Well… I thought it was anyway, until I got the game out he was instantly interested!


As a lot of you will know children with Autism can struggle hugely with Social Interaction. This game is FANTASTIC in helping with this. It gives you lots of scenarios where you have to really think about how you would react etc. Xavier was really engaged! It was myself, Xavier, Izzy and Nanny that played and all REALLY enjoyed it.


You basically have to work your way around the board and there are 4 piles of cards. The cards are names “Out & About” “Home” “School” and “Socially Speaking”. When you land on a square represented from one of these categories you have to pick up a card from the pile and answer a scenario and how you would deal with it. Everytime you have picked up a card from one of the four piles you get a co-ordinating ring to put onto your counter. When you have all four coloured rings you have to try and get to the finish before anyone else does.


There are other squares on the board that direct you to ask questions to the person on your left starting with either When, What, Where, Why etc? Also there are four squares on the board called compliment corner and if you land on one you have to compliment the person on your left.


I cannot believe how into the game Xavier was. Izzy really enjoyed it along side myself and Nanny.

It was a lovely snippet of family time with no TV, technology, arguing (lol).


Nanny is deep in thought about her answer! :)

The game is for 2-6 players. Suitable from age 7 up. The approximate playing time is 20 – 30 minutes.


The Socially Speaking Game teaches and reinforces important social skills through the fun of a board game. This enjoyable game aims to encourage and reinforce effective social interactions as well as improving self esteem, listening skills, receptive and expressive language and problem solving.

Using a variety of role play and problem solving activities, children are given the opportunity to practice vital skills including:

  • Greetings
  • Turn taking
  • Eye contact
  • Listening
  • Compliments
  • Emotions
  • Telephoning others
  • Showing an interest in what others are saying
  • sitting appropriately and still
  • Asking and answering questions
  • Developing and maintaining friendships

So we think The Socially Speaking Game is a great game to help those on the Autism Spectrum. It was a huge hit with us.

We were sent this game to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Trutex Boys Slim Fit School Trousers

Trutex Boys Slim Fit School Trousers

As most of you know we recently had the most amazing news that we had won our appeal and Xavier has a place at a Special Needs school. It was with impeccable timing that Trutex contacted me to see if we would like to review some of their new Boys SlimFit School Trousers. This opportunity was very gratefully received.


The trousers arrived and I always worry as Xavier needs the length but has a very skinny waist. They come with adjustable waist which is great. I cannot tell you enough how good the quality of these trousers are. They come fully lined too.


Also something that is new to Xavier is a proper belt. I think it is taking him a little while to get used to undoing it and doing it up.He has never liked his shirt tucked in before either but insisted for these photos as he wanted to be a smart boy! :)


The trousers fit him perfectly and are a lovely length too. I wanted to see how they were after a few washes too as this really tests the quality. They wash up ver well indeed. I have washed these several times now and they are like new every time.

Xavier finds his new trousers incredibly comfortable. I would thoroughly recommend Trutex for all school uniform needs. They have a wide range of colours for trousers, polo tops, sweatshirts and jumpers. They have stores located throughout the UK.

We were sent these trousers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

The Perfect Mothers Day

The Perfect Mothers Day

What is Mothers Day to you? Is it heaps of presses including chocolates and flowers? Dinner cooked for you? You waiting on your own Mum hand and foot? I often think of those whose Mums are no longer here. I know just how lucky I am to have mine.

My day has been lovely! I was woken this morning to the kids coming into our room. Izzy carrying a pressie and Xavier carrying a card that was almost as big as him! He even wrote his own name in it too! To those who aren’t familiar…. Xavier rarely does writing! :)

The card was lovely with gorgeous words and the pressie was a beautiful new fluffy cosy dressing gown!

Got dressed and headed out of the door with Izzy to watch her play her football match. They won 12-1!!! Amazing! Izzy got a goal too! My parents came to watch too so I gave my mum some flowers and a card and invited them both back to mine for a cuppa to warm us all up!! It was freezing standing out in the cold wind and rain this morning.

Heres me with my lil Mum :)


Mum and Dad headed off home after their tea and we headed round to my Mother in Laws bearing gifts. She cried at the words in her card. I have a lovely bond with my Mum in Law and I left her the following pic on her Facebook page which in turn left her sobbing!


I’ve not done a thing today other than the football run this morning, but that is hardly a chore…. I love watching Izzy and her team play! Had dinner cooked by Hubs this evening which was nice and its been nice to relax.

I hope you have all had a wonderful day.

This is a featured post.

I have broken the news…

I have broken the news…

to Xavier about his new school placement. He is heart broken! I feel just awful!

It is ridiculous I know! I have fought so long and so hard for what is best for him. I do not regret any of it but seeing Xavier so scared anxious and heartbroken makes me feel terrible. When I told him yesterday after school, I mentioned that he had been given a very special invitation to attend a school for VERY clever and talented and special kids. He burst into tears. It was all about the positives and how exciting this new chapter in his life will be. I have never fought so hard to hold back my tears. It was incredibly difficult, my voice wobbled slightly whilst he thrust himself into my arms and squeezed me tight whilst drowning my neck with his tears.

He listened to me tell him about all the exciting things he will be able to do at his new school. He wiped his tears, grabbed his iPad, opened Google and asked what the school was called and looked up their website. I told him it will be a gradual process and that he will come with me for a visit first and he can check out the place. Then he will go part time between new and current school, then they are hoping to get him in full time after Easter.

“Mum I have so many questions!!”

I assured him he could ask me any questions he wanted and I will do my best to answer. Anything I am not sure of we could write down and ask the new school when we visit.

Bedtime came and he was very anxious and very upset. We called Daddy at work who also reassured him that it will be fantastic and that it os ok to feel sad and upset. Its normal to feel that way.

Finally he went off to sleep. Bless his heart.

Hubby came home from work and my flood gates opened. I was absolutely beside myself. I have not cried so much in a very very long time. I was sobbing so hard I couldn’t even speak. I feel so sorry for him. I know this 100% is the best move for Xavier I have been trying to imagine this situation from his point of view. His little head must be all over the place! He must feel so scared and so anxious!

I can’t wait for him to visit the school and see for himself how fab it is. I am hoping this will ease some of his worries. I know this is going to be a very difficult time for him but I am just so confident that he will love it there and will be thriving in no time.

I just feel so sad for him. I have to hide that from him and its very hard.

Easter is not far away so this is all going to be happening very soon.


Fifty shades of Autism – Part Two

Fifty shades of Autism – Part Two

Following on from my previous post, this series of blog posts is to show that Autism comes in many, colours, shapes and sizes. No two people affected by Autism are the same. I have collected info from Mums and relatives of people affected by Autism so you can see the difference.

Dani, Mum of Jacob who is 2:

Jacob is two. I always thought when I had kids that christmas and birthdays would become magical times and be real special occasions but in the case of Jacob that just isn’t true, to him a birthday or christmas is like torture. He cried and had a melt down as we tried to get him to open presents on christmas day because even though he loves Thomas and most of his presents were¬†Thomas related it was just too much for him so i unwrapped all his presents while his daddy calmed him down. No easy feat. Jacob used to make a lot of noise but nothing that could ever be classed as a word so he had speech therapy and he is slowly getting there. He now says mummy and tato which we find quite funny because its only after going in the fridge and getting a potato out and giving it a kiss and rubbing it on his face to see how it feels like he does with most stuff that he announced the word tato for the first time. Thats just the kind of boy Jake is though, amazing me and making me smile every day. Its not always easy and the fact he doesnt trust many people, has melt downs, doesn’t stay still and doesn’t sleep make it hard but he’s bloody worth it.

Natalie, Mum to Joshie age 4:

Our son is very much emerced in his own world, he is very good at navigating round his ipad and even round the restrictions i put on lol, he loves thomas the tank engine and curious george (they are kindrid spirts and our sons nickname is monkey) he has an eversion to wearing shorts (unless its for swimming) and he wont wear buttons, hoods or jeans (unless they have a stretchy fabric waist band) when we are out he often suffers with sensory overload we have managed to ease this by him having a enclosed pushchair (his safe space) and a snuggle blanket and a cuddly toy he only has when were out that he will bite and snuggle altough this isnt 100% effective it does help.

Chantell, Mum to Lucky who is 3:

Check out her blog at:http://wecalledhimlucky.com

Our Lucky is 3 years old. Teletubbies, Toy Story and Winnie the Pooh is the only way we reach him in therapy. He loves his siblings and loves to be squeezed and kissed by the family, but cringes at the thought of anybody else in his space. Lucky don’t wear coats, socks, shoes or anything weighing him down.. Even in the middle of winter. He loves the outdoors as long as there is nobody else around. Lucky ONLY eats bananas, brown bread (with NO seeds) with peanut butter and pesto pasta (all gluten free). We are still finding our feet, so at the moment we don’t really get out much… Unless we know nobody is at the park! Any outing is TOO much for Lucky.. Even the park and nature reserve outside our house. Thank goodness for online grocery shopping!!!

Robyn, Mum to Elliot who is 3:

Elliot is a very unique 3 and a half year old. He has lots of learning delays but can walk talk and do most stuff independently. He lacks social skills and doesn’t like to interact with other children unless they are babies. He has anxiety issues and hates loud noises. He has a major obsession with Disney Cars and Planes. He likes to be clean and gets very upset if he is dirty. He has some speech delays but Therapy is helping. He loves to draw and is extremely good at it. He has toilet issues and a fear of pooping and will hide to go and refuses to be changed when he has gone until it is too uncomfortable. He seeks comfort in organised things and has to have things a set way. He has a memory greater then any child I know. He loves cars and can tell you if he sees one like one he has been in. He will happily live on a diet of pizza, cereal and milk and getting him to eat anything different can be a challenge. Elliot is very hyper active and doesn’t like to sit still for too long and has a very low attention span unless drawing or watching Cars. He wakes frequently in the night screaming and can take up to an hour to settle back to sleep. He hates change and requires a good stable routine. He is also comforted by certain noises he makes.

Trish, Mum to Dinky age 7:

Trish Blogs at https://dinkyandme.wordpress.com

Dinky has PDA, which is a form of autism, except not many professionals understand it.
She struggles with demands made on her as they set off major anxiety. She also has major sensory integration difficulties which mean that she doesn’t like loud noises, and sensory seeks by spinning, flapping, rocking, jumping and sniffing things.
Her latest obsessions are Power rangers, Disney infinity (which she watches YouTube vids of and can now programme the little toys and mini characters to change colours), lego, and marvel heroes.

I’ve had some great feedback from these posts so far and am still looking for more people to get involved. If you would like to write a short paragraph or know someone who would please email me at luciecreates@live.co.uk.


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