A Very Special Birthday!!

A Very Special Birthday!!


My Mum in law celebrated her 69th (yes really!!!) birthday on Tuesday!! Birthdays are always special but this year, this particular birthday was extra extra Special!!

Just a few days before her birthday, Susan found out, after having a THIRD lumpectomy that it had been successful!!! She is now Cancer FREE!!! This is what made this birthday extra special. It is such fantastic news for all of us but especially for Susan. She has been through the mill recently with 3 operations in 5 weeks. We are all so very happy!!

I wanted to get her something special just from me. Something personal to her. I looked on ToxicFox.co.uk to see what they had in the birthday gifts section. Then I fell in love with this little guy!!


How cute is he??? I love the fact you can personalise the messages on his shirt. Ive called Susan “Mumma” for years now and thought it was fitting to have this as the personalisation. It is at no extra cost too which I think is fantastic! Who doesn’t love a Me to You bear?!! It is a lovely size too as you can see from the top picture. Not too large or too small.


The bear is of such lovely quality. “Mumma” loves him very much!!

She was also spoilt with money to spend on herself and flowers…. How many bunches of flowers!!!?? It was like a florist in her house! Looked and smelled beautiful!

She is a very special lady and had a very special birthday!!

BritMums Live 2015

BritMums Live 2015

So… BritMums Live came around again this weekend just gone. I loved it last year and am so very pleased I went again this year.

I met up with Rachel from Blogging Mummy¬†on the Friday when we got off our trains and we hadn’t ever met in person before but had been chatting a lot online for the few weeks leading up to BritMums. We had an absolute blast and are so alike its unreal! Rachel you made my weekend so much fun! Thank you so much. xx


We went for a quick bite to eat and then headed for the tube to get to our hotel. We dropped off our bags and made our way to the Venue of BritMums…. The Brewery. We thought we were going to be a little early when we set off from the hotel but (and even with google maps) we got a little lost at one point! When we did arrive though it had already started to fill up a little! There was a gorgeous gazebo set up which was beautifully decorated.

Rachel and I took a seat and I just people watched. Seeing if we recognised any faces. Some faces looked lost and nervous. Others looked excited and happy as they greeted fellow bloggers. Big smiles and warm friendly hugs were going on all around me. I do love the Blogging Community. It is a very family to be a part of. As the crowd built it suddenly moved in a wave towards the doors of the Brewery. It was registration time! Was feeling VERY excited by this point!

We got into the building and I started to recognise those lovely blogging faces! Lots of welcoming hugs and hellos! We collected our ID badges and Rachel and I wandered into the main hall which is where the brands were located. We made our way around the stalls introducing ourselves and giving out business cards and filling in forms. Most of the brands there were great and we were absolutely laden with freebies and goodies by the time we had finished!

We popped back to the hotel to drop off our huge amount of baggage we had acquired and headed back to the Brewery for the BiBs (Brilliance in Blogging Awards).


The Awards were hosted by the very lovely Carol Smilie! She is looking HOT! She was a great host and it was fantastic to see familiar names in the finals! Very worthy winners and amazing runners up. The ceremony was amazing, loud, happy and full of bloggers getting amongst the free wine!! There is so much support for each other at these events. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

Then there was the obligatory selfie with the Smilie!


The awards finished and we done some chatting and mingling and more wine drinking until we were actually ushered out of the building by security!! They wanted to go home LOL!! We headed back to the hotel and feeling SHATTERED. We both phoned home and then chatted and chatted until early hours.

The next morning after an amazing Premier Inn breakfast of Champions we set off to the Brewery for Day 2. More mingling, more socialising but we really wanted to get into some of the sessions. The most inspirational for me what the Session by Joanna Penn – How to market yourself and your writing. It was amazing and I left feeling really excited. I even bought one of her books off her and she signed it wishing me luck.


We finished with the sessions we wanted to sit in on and wandered around the brands again. Taking pics and talking to brands and building relationships with them. Most of them were running competitions too which was fun.


So BritMums has come to an end for another year! I am GUTTED its over. I had such a great time. I am actually counting down the weeks/months until next years! Thank you BritMums for another fantastic event. It was lovely to reunite with bloggers I have met before and amazing to meet lots of lovely new faces. Next year I definitely want to meet more. Hats off to Jen and Susanna for another fantastic event!

So… who is going next year?? I can’t wait!!!


National Picnic Week

National Picnic Week

So this week it is National Picnic Week!

I love a picnic me! Blanket out on the grass, sunglasses on, all the family together! Most importantly though…. great food!


There is so much choice …. sandwiches, wraps, bagels, salad, fresh fruit, cakes. My kids love Primula cheeses and will eat the stuff until the cows come home! My daughter thinks sandwiches are boring so has a thing for bagels at the moment. My son will only eat “normal sandwiches” and is a total cheese monster. They both love salad bits like cherry tomatoes and cucumber and fresh fruit is a must, so these things will always be in our Picnic Basket.

What are your favourite snacks for your Picnics?


I say the weather is perfect this week for a picnic but Ive just looked out of the window and it is looking a little grey! If the weather lets you down you could always lay a blanket down in the living room and still have great fun with the family.

Next question is WHERE to have your picnic? We are so lucky to have a huge park and lake right close by to where we live. Tilgate Park is stunning and is a very popular place when the weather is nice. There is the lake to walk around, lots of forest to explore and there is also a Nature Centre there. Below is a pic of my kids at Tilgate Park a couple of years ago.


So wherever you have your picnics this week…. have a great time!





We were lucky enough to be sent one of these GORGEOUS Roald Dahl Cushions from the range at House of Fraser to review!! What is even better is that we are also giving one away!

The cushion is of beautiful quality and something that any child who likes Roald Dahl books would LOVE! We have a whole collection of Roald Dahl books here and I think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is my firm favourite!


It is beautifully embroidered with a quote from the book and is finished off with a lovely Roald Dahl Tag on the side in Purple! You’ll also be pleased to know that there are other designs in the range!


So how would you like to WIN one of these cushions? Follow the Instructions below to enter! :)

Competition  closes at 23.59 on 30th June.

Open to the UK only.

Win a Roald Dahl Cushion

Slimming World Weigh in Week 1

Slimming World Weigh in Week 1



So….. Week one Weigh in…..

I LOST 2lbs!!! YAY!

I was actually expecting a little bit more than that but am certainly not disappointed! I have cut almost all sugar out of my diet now which for me is HUGE! I have loved the great food I have been eating! Not many “diets” where you can have a full on fry up!! Quite a few days this last week I have had this for breakfast! You must use spray oil Fry Light and make sure any fat is removed from bacon etc. I have bought some Slimming World sausages and they are yummy! Having a full on breakfast like that really does fill you up and its ALL free food!


We have been through SO MUCH fruit this week! I regularly have a bowl filled with grapes, banana, kiwi, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries then smother them in Muller Light Yogurt! So delicious and also very filling!

I have also just invested in a FitBit bracelet. I am hoping this will help with me being a bit more active and it will be helpful to track how many steps Ive done, how many calories burned and it will be REALLY interesting to track my sleep activity.

Starting Weight: 12st 11.5 lbs

Week One: -2lb

Goal Weight: 11 st

Current Weight: 12st 9.5

Bring on tomorrow for Weigh in Week Two!!

Cancer you bitch!!!

Cancer you bitch!!!


This is my beautiful Mother in Law Susan. She, believe it or not, will celebrate her 69th birthday at the end of this month.

I’ve had her in my life almost 14 years. She is such a kind and caring lady. A great Mum in Law and a wonderful Nanny to my children, they adore her! She has done so much to help us over the year and is always there. Don’t get me wrong we have had a couple of fall outs over the years but what families don’t fall out. We are very close and she means the world to me.


A couple of months ago she went for her routine Mammogram. They came back to her saying they had found an abnormality and asked if she could come in for a biopsy. She did and found it very painful. She then had to wait for the results.

Then our worst fears were realised! Susan had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer! Devastated doesn’t even come close. Izabel was distraught. Xavier didn’t really understand. Its hit us all like a tonne of bricks! Ed has been very calm about it all but thats how he seems to deal with things. It has even had a massive impact on my family too.


So Susan faced an operation to remove the lump. She went for her op and they removed 4 Lymph Nodes. She was incredibly sore and uncomfortable afterwards as you can probably imagine. I think it was approximately a week later she went for her appointment to find out the results of the operation etc. They told her that from checking the Lymph nodes they could confirm that the cancer hadn’t spread. AMAZING NEWS!!!! We are all over the moon with that news! BUT… they hadn’t quite got all of the cancer from her breast so would need to do a second operation to try and get what they left before.

So a couple of weeks ago she went in for her second operation and was in so much pain afterwards. The initial cuts from the 1st op hadn’t even had time to heal and had to be opened again.

She went back this week to find out the results again.

Susan is now faced with a horrific decision. The 2 ops have been unsuccessful. This is just awful awful news. She now basically has 2 choices. She will have to have chemotherapy and lose all her beautiful hair OR she will have to have a Mastectomy! What a decision to make?!! I can’t even begin to imagine having to make a choice like that. Can you?


She has been so very brave throughout this whole thing! I am in awe of her. I love her so very much and want her to know that she has so much support behind her. Her own family and my family and lots of friends are rooting for her.

Cancer you are a bitch!!! You will not beat my Mum in Law!! You are such an evil disease that needs to do one!! This family is not going to let you stick around!

My daughter and I will be doing the Race For Life on the 17th June and would love some sponsors! We haven’t raised anywhere near as much as we wanted to. If you can spare a couple of pounds we would appreciate it if you could sponsor us! This means so much to us as a family right now!

If you would like to sponsor us please click this link:


Thank you for reading this post.


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